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Alcatel Premium DeskPhone 8038
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Alcatel-Lucent 8068/8038/8028/8039/8029 Premium DeskPhone

Quick guide

Alcatel-Lucent 8068/8038/8028/8039/8029 Premium DeskPhone Quick Guide

Alcatel-Lucent 8068/8038/8028/8039/8029 Premium DeskPhone

Function keys
Mute and intercom.
Handsfree, handset or headset volume. Adjust contrast
Audio services (handsfree, handset or headset).
Hold: the call is placed on hold.
Transfer: transfer the call to another number.
Redial key: to access the 'Redial' feature.
Guide key: Used to obtain information on functions of the “menu“ page and to
program key of the “perso“ page.
Messaging key to access various mail services. This key is lit when you have
received a new voicemail, text message or callback request.
Handsfree key To make or answer a call without lifting the receiver.
END key To terminate a call.
Bluetooth® wireless handset (8068 Premium DeskPhone)
Short successive presses to change the handset
volume level (3 levels)
Long press to ensure your caller no longer hears you
Contains several lines and pages providing information on calls
and the features that can be accessed by pressing the keys
associated to the labels on the display (10 keys for 8068/38/39
phones and 6 keys for the 8028/29 phones).
Menu page: Contains all functions and applications accessible
via the keys associated with the words on the screen.
Perso page: Contains call line keys (allowing supervision of
calls) and programmable call keys.
Info page: Contains information on the telephone and the
status of its functions: name, telephone number, number of
messages, activation of transfer function, appointment
reminder, etc.
Transfer icon: Pressing the key next to this icon allows you to
program or change the transfer function.
OK key: Used to validate your choices and options while
programming or configuring
Left-right navigator: Used to move from one page to another
and display information about current calls (call in progress,
calls on hold, incoming call).
Up-down navigator: Used to scroll through the content of a
Use this key to go back to the previous step
Use this key to go back to the homepage (long press)
Headset connected
Incoming call icon
Telephone locked
Call in progress icon
Appointment programmed
Call holding icon
Alphabetic keypad
Add-on module
Cursor moving keys (left, right,
up and down).
The 8028/8029 Premium Deskphone has 4
programmable keys with LED and paper labels.
Phone capabilities can be extended with Premium
Add-on 10- and40-key modules or Premium Smart
display 14-key module.
Caps lock: to write text in
capital letters.
Alt key: to access the purple
characters and features.
Enter key: to validate edited
Backspace key: to delete one
character in an edit box.
Flashing blue: incoming call
Flashing orange: alarm
Handset (a Bluetooth® wireless
handset is also available for IP
Touch 8068 Phone only)
One 3.5 mm headset jack
An adjustable and stable foot
Function keys
Alphabetic keypad


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