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User guide
Please retain this user guide for future reference and store it under the fabric
Vital information- Read now
Do not use the product on a passenger seat fitted with a front airbag unless your vehicle
manufacture confirms it is safe.
Do not use our product on side facing vehicle seats.
Do not attempt to dismantle, modify or add to any part of the product or change the way your car
seat-belts are made or used. The official approval is no longer valid if modifications are made. No
modifications are allowed to be made on then product.
Do cover the product if you leave your car in direct sunlight. Metal and plastic fittings can become
hot to touch in sunny weather and the cover may become faded.
Do follow this user guide instructions in the order shown and get to know your product before
installing it in your car.
Do keep this user guide safe for future reference.
1. Armrest
2. Cover
. This booster seat is only suitable if the approved vehicles are fitted with 3 point/static with
retractor seat-belts approved to UN/ECE R 16 or other equivalent standards.
. For children 15-36kgs (around 4-12years old) use only
. It must not be used with a two point (lap) belt
. Never leave your child unattended in the car
. The booster must not be used without the cover
. Please use an original cover as the cover contributes the safety of the booster.
. After an accident the seat may become unsafe due to damage that is not be noticeable
immediately. It should therefore be replaced.
.Ensure that all luggage and objects likely to cause injury in the event of an accident are properly
.Advice that rigid items of the seat shall not become trapped between a moveable seat or a door of
the vehicle.
.Not to use any load bearing contact points other than those described in the instruction’s and
marked in the child restraint.


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