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Thank you very much for purchasing ‘BAOTIAN brand motorcycle of model BT125T-2, which developed by BAOTIAN
MOTORCYCLE INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. And welcome to join the driver’s line of BAOTIAN motorcycle. With its
extraordinary advantages of excellent quality, smart appearance and shape of legerity, our product will surely bring the
utmost pleasure and convenience to your life.
This manual gives you information about the general structure, function, operation and maintenance methods of
BT125T-2. In order to enable your beloved motorcycle to render a best performance and a longer life, please read this
manual carefully, pay particular attention to the running-in part in it and follow all the operating instruction. It is of great
importance to make your riding safer and more comfortable. Experienced staffs in our sale agency and the maintenance
shop will also offer excellent service for you.
Please take an initial examination of your motorcycle after the first 300km running in our designated maintenance
shop, and take regular examination in every 1000km thereafter.
All the direction, illustration and specification included in this manual are based on the latest product information.
Please be noted that they may be different from the actual status of the motorcycle if there is new revision on its
specification, and no further advice will be given.
This motorcycle was designed and manufactured which complied with e-mark, the safety standard of Europe Union.
Please do NOT change any parts without professional advice and use non-original parts in case of avoiding danger
to driver and the broken of traffic laws.

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