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After you perform an operation in any mode, pressing B returns to the
Timekeeping Mode.

General Guide

The operational procedures for Modules 2428 and 2470 are identical. All of the
illustrations in this manual show Module 2428.
Press B to change from mode to mode. Each mode is explained in detail on
the following pages.
[Module 2470] [Module 2428]
Timekeeping Mode Time Setting ModeStopwatch ModeAlarm Mode
Press .
Backlight Precautions
The backlight uses an EL (electro-luminescent) panel that causes the entire
display to glow for easy reading in the dark.
The electro-luminescent panel that provides illumination loses power after
very long use.
The illumination provided by the backlight may be hard to see when viewed
under direct sunlight.
The watch may emit an audible sound whenever the display is illuminated.
This is due to vibration of the EL panel used for illumination, and does not
indicate malfunction.
Frequent use of the backlight shortens the battery life.

Timekeeping Mode

In the Timekeeping Mode, press C to switch
between the 12-hour and 24-hour formats.
In the Timekeeping Mode, press A to illuminate the
display for a few seconds.
Day of the week is displayed as follows.
SU: Sunday MO: Monday
TU: Tuesday WE: Wednesday
TH: Thursday F R : Friday
SA: Saturday
Day of the week
PM indicator

Alarm Mode

When the Daily Alarm is switched on, the alarm
sounds for 20 seconds at the preset time each day.
When the Hourly Time Signal is switched on, the
watch beeps every hour on the hour.
To set the alarm time
1.Hold down A while in the Alarm Mode until the
hour digits start to flash on the display. The hour
digits flash because they are
2.Press A to change the selection in the following
Pressing A also illuminates the display.
Hour Minutes
Normal Alarm Mode (No digit flashes)
Once you reach the normal Alarm Mode, you have to hold down A again
until the hour digits start to flash.
3. Press C to increase the selected digits. Holding down C changes the
number at high speed.
The format (12-hour and 24-hour) of the alarm time matches the format you
select for normal timekeeping.
When setting the alarm time using the 12-hour format, take care to set the
time correctly as morning or afternoon (PM).
4. After you set the alarm time, press A to return to the Alarm Mode. At this
time the Daily Alarm is switched on automatically.
To stop the alarm
Press A to stop the alarm after it starts to sound.
Hourly time
signal on
Mode indicator
Alarm on
To switch the Daily Alarm and Hourly Time Signal on and off
Press C while in the Alarm Mode to change the status of the Daily Alarm and
Hourly Time Signal in the following sequence.
[Alarm on Indicator/Hourly Time Signal on Indicator]
Hourly Time
Signal only
Daily Alarm
Both offBoth on
To test the alarm
Hold down C while in the Alarm Mode to sound the alarm.

Stopwatch Mode

The Stopwatch Mode lets you measure elapsed time,
split times, and two finishes. The range of the
stopwatch is 59 minutes, 59.99 seconds.
Mode Indicator
Split time
1/100 second
(a) Elapsed time measurement
Stop Re-start Stop Clear
Split Split release Stop Clear
Split Stop Split release Clear
(b) Split time measurement
(c) Split time and 1st-2nd place times
First runner
Second runner
Record time of
first runner.
Record time of
second runner.

Time Setting Mode

To set the time and date
1.Use B to enter the Time Setting Mode.
The second’s digits flash because they are
2.Press A to change the selection in the following
Pressing A also illuminates the display.
Seconds Hour
Day of week Day
Day of the week
PM indicator
3. While the second’s digits are selected (flashing), press C to reset the
seconds to “00”. If you press C while the second’s count is in the range of
30 to 59, the seconds are reset to “00” and 1 is added to the minutes. If the
second’s count is in the range of 00 to 29, the minute’s count is unchanged.
4. While any other digits (besides seconds) are selected (flashing), press C to
increase the number. While the day of the week is selected, pressing C
advances to the next day. Holding down C changes the current selection at
high speed.
5. After you set the time and date, press B to return to the Timekeeping Mode.
If you do not operate any button for a few minutes while a selection is
flashing, the flashing stops and the watch goes back to the Timekeeping
Mode automatically.


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