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(1) This product is not a toy,it's a piece of complicated equipment which integrated with
professional knowledge by mechanic,electric, air mechanics, high-frequency transmitter
and so on, so it should be installed correctly and adjusted to avoid any accidents. The
owner must always operate in a safe manner, if improper operation that caused human
injured or property damage, then we DENVER ELECTRONICS A/S accept no liability for
any safety duties from operation. As we have no control over the way they maintained,
used and operated.
(2) This product is not suitable for users under 14 years of age
(3) The use of the drone may be prohibited in some areas like train stations, airports,
aircrafts, inhabited areas etc. You should check with the authorities whether the use of
the drone is permitted in some public or private areas. Always use the drone bearing in
mind not to breach people's privacy. We exclude liability for any wrong use of the drone.
(4) We DENVER accept no liability for any safety duties or nes arising from operation,
usage or mis-control after the sale of products. Warranty does not cover if drone crashes
and get damaged.
Keep away from crowd when ying, since drone ight is a high risk hobby.
Mis-assembled or broken main frame or defective electronic equipment or unskilled
operation may cause accidents of machine damaged or injured. Please pay special
attention to safety operation.
(1) Keep away from people and obstacles
"The ying speed and status of the drone is uncertain,so it may cause potential danger."
When choosing a ying site should stay clear of buildings, trees and power lines. AVOID
ying in or near crowded areas. Meanwhile avoid ying in rain, storms,thunder and
lightening to protect machinery and parts out of damage.
(2) Keep away from Humid environments
Inside of drone is made up of precise electronic components. Stay away from humidity
or water vapor to protect machinery and parts.
(3) Safety operation
Please y your drone according to your physical status and ight skill. Fatigue, listlessness
and mis-operation will increase possibilities of accidental hazard.
(4)Keep away from rotating blades
Keep your face and body as well as all spectators away from the rotating blades. The
spinning blades of a model of this type can cause serious injury.
(5) We recommend to y the drone below 10 meters of height.
A drone is made up of metal, ber,plastic,electronic components,etc. So keep it away
from heat and sunshine to avoid distortion, and damage.


Please read the user handbook carefully and then keep it in a safe place for future
consultation and maintenance.

1.1 Important Notice

1.2 Safety Precautions

1.3 Check List Before First Flight


(1) Flying eld should be in an open space and we suggest at least
5M length *5M wide*3M height.
(2) Make sure the drone is fully charged.


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