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Manual v. 2 , Oct 2012
Caution: Pulling the flexible resonator beyond its
normal range can permanently damage the speaker.
Model : BLUE LAGOON – DVC4501
Dimensions : Diam. 65 mm x (heigth) x 49 mm
Net Weigth : 99.4 g
Speaker : Diam. 45 mm
Input sensitiviyt : L/R 380 mV
Power : 3.2 W
Charge Voltage : 5V +/- 0,5V
Frequency : 280 Hz – 16 KHz
Charging time : 1.5 - 2 hours
Playing time : 12 hours
Suitable temperature : 0°C – 40° C


Step 5
Turn top cap clockwise (5mm)
Don’t press top and base parallel to avoid
any broken clip.
Step 4 Shift top cap and base to avoid
any broken clip.
Hold speaker firmly by its base& press top
cap toward speaker base.
Step 3
The top cap will spring up to expand
the speaker.
Now, enjoy the superb bass delivered via:
Core Active Bass system.
Step 2
Turn top cap anti clockwise (5 mm)
Step 1
Hold the speaker firmly by its base
and top cap.
Close - To travel
Open – To listen

How to open/close the speaker

Core Active Bass
(patented technology)

Core Active Bass

MULTI Function Button
Hands Free
To answer a call : press the volume up/down button
To end a call : press again the volume up/down button
Volume Up/Down
Volume Up : rotate and hold the MULTI button to the right
Volume Down : rotate and hold the MULTI button to the left
Skip Forward/Backward
Next song : flick the MULTI button to the right
Previous song : flick the MULTI button to the left
USB : Charge/Audio input

Key Functions

MULTI Function Button
Power switch
Bluetooth – Wireless
You can also enjoy the music without the limitations of a wire !
1 – Slide the power switch to Bluetooth mode.
2 – Use your device to discover your speaker.
3 – If prompted to input a code or a key, enter « 0000 ».
4 – Once connected : you can use your speaker to play music, or as a hands free

Playing Music

Wired connection
Connect your speaker to any device using the USB cable and the 3.5 mm audio jack :
1 – Slide the power switch to LINE mode.
2 – Connect the mini USB to your speaker.
3 – Connect the 3.5 mm audio jack to your audio device.
4 – Enjoy !
To charge your speaker :
1 - Connect the Mini USB cable to your speaker.
2 - Connect the USB connector to your computer (or USB charger)
While the battery is charging, the LED light will glow RED.
Once Charged, the LED light will turn BLUE.
Charging time:1.5 – 2 hours Autonomy : up to 12h
This cable is not compatible for data connectivity with other devices.
1 - Mini USB : charge/Audio input
2 - 3.5mm audio plug
3 - USB connector
USB + Audio Connector


WARNING ! This device contains an internal power supply.
Please read the manual carefully before usage.
This cable is not compatible for data connectivity with other device.
Blue Lagoon speaker
USB + Audio Connector
2 X User Manual(FR+EN)
Packing list
1X Bluetooth Speaker
1X User Manual FR
1X User Manual EN
1X Transport Bag
1X USB + Audio Connector
Your package should contain all items listed below.
If any items are missing, please contact your retailer.


Transport Bag
The new BLUE LAGOON Bluetooth® speaker by DIVACORE® Nomad
System makes you listen to your favorite music, movies and videos,
wherever you are.
Wireless Nomad Speaker
Directly control your volume and your tracks with your bluetooth device.
Hands-free kit with Built-in microphone:
You can easily answer / end your Call from your speaker.
Fully compatible with all mobile devices.
Add a soundtrack to whatever you do.
About DIVACORE ® Nomad System
With his headquarter based at Europe’s crossroad, DIVACORE ® Nomad
System is focused on innovation, multimedia and audio.
Our ability to anticipate expectations will symbolize the success of our
Main objective of DIVACORE ® Nomad System is to anticipate lifestyle’s
evolutions and offer ideal solutions for our multimedia systems all turned
portable and nomad.
Exceptional and powerful sound, incredible battery life, the quality of our
products is outstanding and we will always offer you the latest features
DIVACORE ® Nomad System:
Leading Nomad Speakers.





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