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Focal FPS 4160
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We thank you for choosing Focal amplifiers for your Car Audio system and for sharing our philosophy:
“the Spirit of Sound”. This product offers the latest advances in Focal amplifiers. In order to obtain
the best results, we highly recommend you have your new amplifier installed by your local Focal
distributor. To maximise the use all your amplifier functionalities and to fully enjoy its performance
levels, we recommend you read the entire instructions in this booklet. We recommend you keep
this manual for future reference. Any problem due to misapplication can lead to a guarantee

The Focal Guarantee only applies if the last page

is returned to us within 10 Days of purchase.

This symbol denotes important instructions. Non respect of these instructions may lead to serious
injuries and even fatal injuries.
This symbol denotes important instructions. Non respect of these instructions may lead to injury or
material damage.
Due to constant technological advances, Focal reserves its right to modify specifications without notice. Images may not conform exactly to specific product..

Content of the packaging:

- 1 amplifier
- 1 user manual
- 4 fixing screws
- Fuses
- 1 remote control cable
(FPS 1500, FPS 3000, FPS 2300RX and FPS 4160)
- 1 remote control
(FPS 1500, FPS 3000, FPS 2300RX and FPS 4160)
- 1 hex key

focal power Symmetric amplifierS

User manual

Français page 31
- BP 374 - 108, rue de l'Avenir - 42353 La Talaudière cedex - France -
Tel. (+33) 04 77 43 57 00 - Fax (+33) 04 77 43 57 04


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Kaubamärk Focal
Mudel FPS 4160
Toode Vastuvõtja
EAN 3544057676049
Keel Inglise
Failitüüp PDF

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