Gilera Runner 50 SP (2005) juhend

Gilera Runner 50 SP (2005)
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juhendGilera Runner 50 SP (2005)
for choosing one of its products. We have prepared this manual to help you to get the very best from your scooter. Please read it carefully before riding
the scooter for the first time. It contains information, tips and precautions for using your scooter. It also describes features, details and devices to assure
you that you have made the right choice. We believe that if you follow our suggestions, you will soon get to know your new vehicle and it will serve you
well for a long time to come. This booklet forms an integral part of the scooter; should the scooter be sold, it must be transferred to the new owner.

Runner 50 SP


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Kaubamärk Gilera
Mudel Runner 50 SP (2005)
Toode Roller
Keel Inglise
Failitüüp Kasutusjuhend (PDF)

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