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3.6-7.2V Compact Universal Charger LUC0050
Congratulations on your purchase of this outstanding Jupio Li-ion Universal
Battery Charger. This manual will help you understand how to operate this
charger and use your batteries safely.
This charger is designed to charge Lithium(Li-ion) rechargeable battery packs,
or Ni-MH/Ni-CD batteries. It is compatible with most 3.6V & 7.2V digital
camera, camcorder & mobile phone Li-ion battery packs, and AA/AAA(RO-
1. Charging mode of charger is shown by LED indicator.
2. When charging is complete, LED indicator will turn green.
3. Automatic Max Battery Voltage cut off.
4. 12 Volt Car Charger is included.
5. Reverse-polarity(“+”-“) for lithium battery packs can be charged.
6. Automatic Voltage Change(100 240V).
7. Charge 1 or 2 pcs of AA/AAA (LR6/LR3).
8. USB Output for easily charging USB devices like iPhone and
iPod .
Operating Instructions:
1. Plug the external adaptor in AC wall outlet then connect it to the
2. Place Li-ion battery pack on the base (picture 1) or place the
AA/AAA battery (picture 4)
3. Move the contact needles up and down by using the new and
improved slides on the side of the device to adjust the polarities +-
4. After adjusting the correct positions, please tighten the battery
(picture 2)
5. LED Indicator will turn red during the charging process.
6 LED Indicator will turn green when the charging process completes
7. Unplug the adaptor after charging is complete.
8. Charge your USB devices via the USB output port (picture 5)
Picture 1
Picture 2
Important Safety Instructions:
1. Before using this charger, read the instructions carefully.
2. This charger is intended for use with Li-ion rechargeable
batteries only. Attempting to charge any other types of batteries
will cause personal injury and damage to the charger.
3. Do not expose the charger or adapters to rain or moisture.
Designed and intended for indoor use only.
4. Always unplug the charger when not in use.
5. Pay attention when using Info/Data batteries. Connecting the
Jupio Compact Universal Charger to a data pin will damage the
6. Do not operate the charger if it has been subject to shock or
damage. If subjected to shock or damage have it serviced by a
qualified service technician.
7. Do not disassemble the charger. Incorrect reassembly may
result in a risk of electrical shock or fire.
8. Unplug the charger from AC outlet before attempting
maintenance or cleaning. Cleaning can be done using a soft
9. Lithium Battery Pack and Ni-MH/Ni-CD can’t be charged
Status of LED Indicator:
1. GREEN: No battery place or charging process completed.
2. RED: Charging in process.
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