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Your PCM92 has added functionality that lets you change presets using a footswitch and also change various param-
eters with a foot pedal (also known as a foot controller). This addendum describes the new functionality.
Preset Chains - how to Change Presets with a foot switCh
You can create sequences of System presets (called preset chains) that you can cycle through using an optional foot
switch. Connect the foot switch to the Foot Switch jack on the back panel using a 1/4” TRS cable. Note that you
must assign functions to the foot switch buttons.
To assign functions to your foot switch buttons:
With a foot switch connected to the Foot Switch jack and a System Preset loaded, press the Select knob. The 1.
System menu appears.
Highlight Footswitch Setup and press the Select knob.2.
Highlight and select the desired function (Preset Up, Preset Down, Bypass, or Tap Tempo). 3.
Press the desired button on the foot switch to assign it to the this function.4.
Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each button on your foot switch.5.
To create a preset chain:
With any System Preset loaded, press the Select knob. The System menu appears. 1.
Highlight Preset Chain Config with the Select knob, and press the Select knob. 2.
Press Knob A to create a new preset chain. 3.
Name the preset chain. Turn the Select knob to select a letter to change.4.
Turn Knob A to change the selected letter. 5.
Press Knob A to toggle between uppercase, lowercase, special characters and numbers.
Press Knob B to clear the selected character space.
Press Knob C to insert a space.
Press the Select knob to save the preset chain with its new name.6.
To add presets to a preset chain:
In the Preset Chain Configuration menu, highlight a preset chain and press the Select knob.1.
Press Knob A.2.
Highlight a preset category and press the Select knob.3.
Highlight a preset and press the Select knob.4.
Repeat steps 2-4 until you are finished adding presets.5.
To use a preset chain:
With a System Preset loaded, press Knob A. The Activate Preset Chain menu appears. 1.
Turn the Select knob to highlight the desired preset chain; press the Select knob to activate it.2.
Use a foot switch to change presets, bypass the preset, or set the tempo.3.
Press the Back button or Knob A to exit this menu.4.
how to Control Parameters with a foot Pedal
To assign a parameter to a foot pedal:
Using a 1/4” TRS cable, connect a foot pedal to the Foot Control jack on the back panel.1.
With any Machine Preset loaded, press the Select knob.2.
Highlight Footpedal Assignments and press the Select knob.3.

PCm92 manual addendum

foot switCh and foot Pedal funCtionality


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