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<CZR2956-A> ES
This product conforms to new cord colors.Los colores de los cables de este producto se conforman con un nuevo código de colores.
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Fig. 4
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Before finally installing the unit, connect the
wiring temporarily, making sure it is all connect-
ed up properly, and the unit and the system work
Use only the parts included with the unit to
ensure proper installation. The use of unautho-
rized parts can cause malfunctions.
Consult with your nearest dealer if installation
requires the drilling of holes or other modifica-
tions of the vehicle.
Install the unit where it does not get in the dri-
ver’s way and cannot injure the passenger if there
is a sudden stop, like an emergency stop.
The semiconductor laser will be damaged if it
overheats, so don’t install the unit anywhere hot
— for instance, near a heater outlet.
If installation angle exceeds 30° from horizontal,
the unit might not give its optimum performance.
(Fig. 1)
DIN Front/Rear-mount
This unit can be properly installed either from
“Front” (conventional DIN Front-mount) or
“Rear” (DIN Rear-mount installation, utilizing
threaded screw holes at the sides of unit chassis).
For details, refer to the following illustrated
installation methods.
DIN Front-mount
Installation with the rubber bush (Fig. 2)
1. Dashboard
2. Holder
After inserting the holder into the dashboard,
then select the appropriate tabs according to the
thickness of the dashboard material and bend
(Install as firmly as possible using the top and
bottom tabs. To secure, bend the tabs 90
3. Rubber bush
4. Screw
Removing the Unit (Fig. 3) (Fig. 4)
5. Frame
6. Insert the release pin into the hole in the bottom
of the frame and pull out to remove the frame.
(When reattaching the frame, point the side with
a groove downwards and attach it.)
7. Insert the supplied extraction keys into the unit,
as shown in the figure, until they click into place.
Keeping the keys pressed against the sides of the
unit, pull the unit out.
DIN Rear-mount
Installation using the screw holes on
the side of the unit (Fig. 5) (Fig. 6) (Fig. 7)
1. Remove the frame.
8. Frame
9. Insert the release pin into the hole in the bottom
of the frame and pull out to remove the frame.
(When reattaching the frame, point the side with
a groove downwards and attach it.)
2. Fastening the unit to the factory
radio mounting bracket.
10. Select a position where the screw holes of the
bracket and the screw holes of the head unit
become aligned (are fitted), and tighten the
screws at 2 places on each side. Use either truss
screws (5 × 8 mm) or flush surface screws
(5 × 9 mm), depending on the shape of the screw
holes in the bracket.
11. Screw
12. Factory radio mounting bracket
13. Dashboard or Console

Installation <ENGLISH>

Fig. 2
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Fig. 1
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Fig. 3
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Fig. 5
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Fig. 6
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Fig. 7
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