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©2012 Platinum Tools Inc. All rights reserved. 5/12
Instruction Sheet: P/N T129


The Platinum Tools, VDV MapMaster2.0™ is a portable voice-data-video cable
tester with length measurement. It tests and troubleshoots RJ11, RJ12, RJ45 and
F-conector terminated cables and provides built-in tone generation for cable tracing.


1) Remove single screw in the middle of the back
of the VDV MapMaster2.0™ with a #1 Phillips head
screwdriver. Remove the battery door.
2) Remove the old battery and disconnect
battery cable.
3) Replace with an ANSI 1604A, 9 volt alkaline
battery (Energizer 522, Duracell Mn1604). Reattach
cable and insert into battery compartment.
4) Replace battery door and screw.


To ensure safe operation and service of the tester, follow these instructions.
Failure to observe these warnings can result in severe injury or death.
systems. Connecting the VDV MapMaster2.0 to live AC power may
damage it and pose a safety hazard for the user.
VDV MapMaster2.0™. Visually inspect an RJ plug before inserting it into
the tester. The contacts should always be recessed into the plastic housing
of the plug. Plugging 6-position plugs into the 8-position jack on the
tester has the potential to damage the outermost contacts of the jack
unless the plug is specifically designed for that purpose.
Coax Type Belden P/N Center + Shield Maximum Length
RG-58A/U 8259 14.9Ω / 1,000 ft 6,710ft (2,045m)
9311 25.8Ω / 1,000ft 3,876ft (1,182m)
7806A 11.8Ω / 1,000ft 8,475ft (2,583m)
RG-59/U 9310 24.1Ω / 1,000ft 4,150ft (1,265m)
9259 23.5Ω / 1,000ft 4,255ft (1,297m)
8241A 49.7Ω / 1,000ft 2,010ft (613m)
9275 78.5Ω / 1,000 1,275ft (389m)
9659 17.6Ω / 1,000ft 5,682ft (1,732m)
RG-6/U 1694A 7.2Ω / 1,000ft 13,889ft (4,234m)
1152A 29.8Ω / 1,000ft 3,360ft (1,025m)
Mini Coax 9221 111Ω / 1,000ft 900ft (275m)
RG-11/U 1523A 15.1Ω / 1,000ft 6,623ft (2,019m)
6.4˝ x 2.8˝ x 1.4˝ (16.3 x 7.1 x 3.6 cm)
•Weight: 9.0 oz. (256 grams)
with battery and remote
•Operating Temperature:
0˚C/32˚F to 50˚C/122˚F
•Storage Temperature:
-20˚/-4˚F to 60˚C/140˚F
•Humidity: 10% to 90%,
•Maximum Voltage between
any two connector pins without
RJ Jack: 66V DC or 55V AC
F-Connector: 50V DC or AC
•Battery Life: 9V alkaline
battery typical
Standby: 4 years
Active: 425 hours
•Cable Types: Shielded or
Unshielded; Cat7, Cat6x, Cat5e,
Cat5, Cat4, Cat3, Coax
•Maximum RJ Cable Length:
0 to 1,000 feet (305 meters)
•Minimum Cable Length for Split
Pair Detection: 1.5 feet (0.5 meters)
•Low Battery: Icon flashes when
battery voltage falls below 6V
•Measurement Technology:
Capacitance testing
•Length Accuracy Without
Length Constant Accuracy:
± 3% plus ± 1 foot
•Cable Length Measurement:
1 to 2,000 ft CAT5E cable with
15 pF/ft length constant
•Default Length Constant:
Restored with power on reset
Complies with Conformité
Européenne directives.
•Maximum Coax Cable Length:


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