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1725-30960-001 Rev B. February 2013

Polycom® SoundStation®

IP 5000

Quick User Guide
Applies to phones running SIP 3.2.3 or
For detailed information, see the
User Guide for the Polycom SoundStation
IP 5000 Phone available at:
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Placing Calls

Press , enter the phone
number, and then press the Send
soft key.

Answering Calls

Press the Answer soft key.
To ignore an incoming call, press
the Reject soft key.

Ending Calls

During a call, press or the
End Call soft key.

Redialing Numbers

To call the last number you
dialed, press .

Muting the Microphone

During a call, press . The
console LEDs will glow red.
You can hear all other parties
while Mute is enabled. The other
parties cannot hear you.
To turn off Mute, press

Holding and Resuming Calls

During a call, press the Hold soft
key. The console LEDs will blink
To resume the call, press the
Resume soft key.

Transferring Calls

To transfer a call:
1. During a call, press the Trnsfer
soft key. The active call is
placed on hold.
2. Enter the number of the party
to which you want to transfer
the call, and then press the
Send soft key.
To cancel the transfer before
the call connects, press the
Cancel soft key. The original
call resumes.
3. When you hear the ring-back
sound, or after you speak with
the second party, press the
Trnsfer soft key.

Forwarding Calls

To enable call forwarding:
1. From the idle screen, press the
Forward soft key.
2. Select the forwarding type you
want to enable:
Always—To forward all
incoming calls.
No Answer—To forward all
unanswered incoming calls.
Busy—To forward calls that
arrive when you are already
in a call.
3. Enter a number to forward calls
to. For No Answer, enter the
number of rings before
4. Press the Enable soft key.
To disable call forwarding:
1. From the idle screen, press the
Forward soft key.
2. Select the forwarding type you
want to disable.
3. Press the Disable soft key.

Using Do Not Disturb

To prevent your phone from
ringing, enable Do Not Disturb.
, and then select
Features > Do Not Disturb.
You can automatically transfer the
call without speaking to the second
party. After you complete step 1,
press the Blind soft key. Then,
complete step 2.


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