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This washing machine is exclusively destined to
wash and spin machine washable laundry in
quantities which are usual for private households.
Observe the instructions given in these Instructions
for Use, the Installation Guide and the Programme
Chart when using the washing machine.
Keep these Instructions for Use, the Programme
Chart and the Installation Guide; if you pass on the
washing machine to another person, also give him/
her Instructions for Use, Programme Chart and
Installation Guide.


1.Removing the packaging and inspection

After unpacking, make sure that the washing
machine is undamaged. If in doubt, do not use the
washing machine. Contact After-Sales Service or
your local retailer.
Keep the packaging materials (plastic bags,
polystyrene parts, etc.) out of reach of children,
as they are potentially dangerous.
If the appliance was exposed to the cold prior to
delivery, keep it at room temperature for a few
hours before operating.

2.Remove the transport bolts

The washing machine is fitted with transport
bolts to avoid any possible damage to the interior
during transport. Before using the machine, it is
imperative that the transport bolts are removed.
After their removal, cover the openings with the
4 enclosed plastic caps.

3.Install the washing machine

Remove the protective film from the control panel
(if available on your model).
Move the appliance without lifting it by the worktop.
Install the appliance on a solid and level floor
surface, preferably in a corner of the room.
Make sure that all four feet are stable and resting
on the floor and then check that the washing
machine is perfectly level (use a spirit level).
In case of wooden or so-called “floating floors”
(for instance certain parquet or laminate floors),
place the appliance on a 60 x 60 cm sheet of
plywood at least 3 cm in thickness which is
secured to the floor.
Make sure that the ventilation openings in the
base of your washing machine (if available on
your model) are not obstructed by a carpet or
other material.

4.Water inlet

Connect the water inlet hose(s) to the drinking
water supply in accordance with the regulations
of your local water company.
For models with one inlet valve: cold water
For models with two inlet valves: cold AND hot
water, or cold water only (see separate
Installation Guide).
Water tap: 3/4” threaded hose
Water pressure
(flow pressure): 100-1000 kPa (1-10 bar).
Use only new hoses to connect the washing
machine to the water supply. Used hoses must
not be used and should be discarded.
For models with hot fill: the hot water inlet
temperature must not exceed 60°C.


Connect the drain hose to the siphon or hook it
over the edge of a sink by means of the “U” bend
If the washing machine is connected to an
integrated drainage system, ensure the latter is
equipped with a vent to avoid simultaneous
loading and draining of water (siphoning effect).

6.Electrical connection

Electrical connections must be carried out by a
qualified technician in compliance with the
manufacturer’s instructions and current standard
safety regulations.
Data regarding voltage, power consumption and
protection requirements is given on the inside of
the door.
The appliance must be connected to the mains by
means of a socket with an earth connection in
accordance with current regulations. The
washing machine must be earthed by law. The
manufacturer declines all liability for damage to
property or injury to persons or animals due to
non-compliance with the directions given above.
Do not use extension leads or multiple sockets.
Before any maintenance on the washing machine
disconnect it from the mains supply.
After installation, access to the mains plug or to
disconnection from mains supply must be
ensured at all times via a double-pole switch.
Do not operate the washing machine if it has
been damaged during transport. Inform the
After-Sales Service.
Mains cable replacement is only to be carried out
by After-Sales Service.
The appliance must only be used in the
household for the prescribed uses.

Minimum housing dimensions:

Width: 600 mm
Height: 850 mm
Depth: 600 mm
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Kaubamärk Whirlpool
Mudel AWOE 8548
Toode Pesumasin
EAN 8003437440458
Keel Inglise
Failitüüp Kasutusjuhend (PDF)
Energiatõhususe klass (vana) A+
Energiakulu pesutsükli kohta 1.36 kWh
Veekulu tsükli kohta 64 l
Kuvamise tüüp LED
Seadme paigaldus Eraldiseisev
Laadimistüüp Eest täidetav
Toote värv Valge
Tsükli aeg (max) 140 min
Taimer Jah
Tsentrifuugimise klass B
Maksimaalne pöörlemiskiirus 1400 RPM
Pesuprogrammide arv 16
Nimitäitekogus 8 kg
Viitstardi taimer Jah
Rinse Plus funktsioon Jah
Pesuprogrammid Hygiene/anti-allergy,Black
Muud funktsioonid
Pesuklass A
Kaal ja mõõtmed
Kaal 73000 g
Laius 600 mm
Sügavus 600 mm
Kõrgus 850 mm
Jääkaja näidik Jah
Pakendi andmed
Pakendi mõõtmed (l x s x k) 640 x 649 x 880 mm
Pakendi kaal 74000 g
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